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Ok so a bit of background.. I'm 21 years old, had two girlfriends when I was younger (but no sexual experience) and have had several relationships with men since (all sexual). I've always been attracted to both, as believe love sees no gender.

My current girlfriend, who is 20, from what I know so far, has had very little sexual experience with men but absolutely no experience with women up till now besides the odd internet girlfriend. She identifies herself as a lesbian.

We've been together for a few weeks, still getting to kbow eachother and haven't had sex yet or even kissed much - but still very much enjoy cuddling up to eaxhother and stroking eachothers skin all night, which to me feels quite intinatw in itself. We'd had a few drinks yesterday and she seemed upset after we had a jokey conversation about said friends sex life. My lady revealed, after me much persisting for her to tell me what was up, that she felt like she couldn't give me what i wanted.. and I asked what she meant and she said that she has zero sex drive and doesnt know why and that she felt like a freak, and quickly said its not going to ever NOT happen as she has had some experiences withmen, but that each time it did nothing for her. She was quite upset and so I didn't ask more about it - just that I'm with her because I want to be, and that sex isn't a priorirt because I like her so much - which is all true.

We are both very nervous and awkward people, but i know she is more so. My experiences with men haven't been all that great - but I still consider myself to have a high sex drive as I like the thought of it, and whenever she's near me I want nothing more than to get intimate qith her and make her feel good. I'm now panicking that she hasn't felt the same towards me, or may have felt slightly pushed - as whenever i try and put my tongue in her mouth its never met with hers. It's not a priority logically, but sexually - for me - it is. I'm hoping its just nerves as I don't understand how she cpuld initially be attracted to me if she doesn't fancy me.. especially as we don't know eachother all that well..... And i know she finds it very difficult to trust people, especially due to having a violently abusive father. I care about her a lot, and I know this post sounds very sex-orientated.. but this is all very new to me, especially being with someone who could potentially asexual rather than lesbian.

I guess I'm looking for some opinions on this and/or some advice!! :)


Hi, I'm new to LJ and this community...

I'm Lilii~! 
I'm fifteen...
I'm cornered right now in my life. Not a lot of people are very accepting to the fact that I'm a lesbian... ^^;
I needed a place to come to where I could just be me. For who and what I am.
I really wanted to meet friends and new people here, cause I'm pathetically lonely... XD 
I live in C. Falls MT... so as you know, there aren't a lot of people here, and so far, MOST of the people I know here aren't accepting of me. Which I'm totally okay with, everyone has their opinions, but they don't treat me that's where it kind of hurts. Y'know?
I'm not really good at opening up right away, but I'm always open to meet new people and such.
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What to do?

Ok so i have been feeling depressed and out of place. i dont have much friends to talk to anymore and im starting to lose it. What can i do so i wont have to feel so depressed and lonely? I tried talking to girls and im really nice friendly and love to spoil them but nothing works :( Should i just give up? i know i shouldnt but things are going so wrong lately and im feeling how i felt 2 years ago and it is not a good posiiton to be at. What is there to do?!! ='[
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Name: Mikaila (Kay)
Age: 19
Location: Califorina, USA

Hi everyone *waves*
My name is Kay, and I am new to this community.
I am 19 years old, and I am a college student.
I live in a really small town located in the central valley of California.
I want to expand my circle of friends - people who I can be honest with.
I'm a nice person, I swear ^__^

Moving on...

I have just recently come to the conclusion that I am a lesbian.
It is quite a thing to accept, and I am not entirely out to my family yet.
I've mentioned it to my mother, but she is pretty much in denial about the whole thing and doesn't talk about it much.
We avoid the situation at all costs.

I am an avid writer, and I enjoy getting to know others with the same hobby ^__^

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I am feeling kind of silly at the moment, but in a good way.
I need to communicate, and at this point LJ is my best resource. I only recently came out. (and only partially, telling only my closest friends and my brother)

Please feel free to add me.

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Comic Book Review: Likewise by Ariel Schrag

The fourth chapter/third book in Ariel Schrag's 'High School Chronicles,' Likewise details not only Schrag's senior year at Berkeley High, but also the aftermath of her parents' divorce, her search for a "scientific" explanation for her homosexuality, her continued heartbreak over her boy-crazy ex-girlfriend, her do-or-die devotion to her comics, and her self-image as it relates to her appearance and intelligence. That Schrag is able to do all of this with a wit and wisdom that makes her constant contradictions completely credible is quite an accomplishment.

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Please take this survey to help other lesbian moms!

My name is Sequoia and I am a graduate student in Counseling Psych and a lesbian. As part of a GLBT course I am researching lesbian parenting; both so that I can help lesbian couples as a counselor, and in preparation of my own parenting goals eventually. I want to include some women’s voices as part of my paper so that it is not just about dry research. I am collecting these perspectives through an online survey, and then I will include snippets in my paper. Everything will be anonymous and only used in this paper.


Here is the link to the survey:


This survey is to get personalized, subjective opinions and experiences about the decision-making and interpersonal process of lesbian couples who became planned parents through donor insemination.

To complete this survey, please make sure that you match the following criteria:

  • you identify as a woman-who-loves-exclusively-women, regardless of the term you choose to use.
  • you and another woman decided to become parents through using donor insemination (not adoption, not from previous relationship, etc) such that either you or your partner became pregnant and the intention is to raise the child together as co-mothers.

Feel free to answer as many or as few questions as you feel comfortable, with as much or little detail as you like.

This survey will be used in a graduate counseling paper, not in formal research. The results will all be anonymous.

Thank you so much for your participation and your inspiration!