January 1st, 2011


Hi, I'm new to LJ and this community...

I'm Lilii~! 
I'm fifteen...
I'm cornered right now in my life. Not a lot of people are very accepting to the fact that I'm a lesbian... ^^;
I needed a place to come to where I could just be me. For who and what I am.
I really wanted to meet friends and new people here, cause I'm pathetically lonely... XD 
I live in C. Falls MT... so as you know, there aren't a lot of people here, and so far, MOST of the people I know here aren't accepting of me. Which I'm totally okay with, everyone has their opinions, but they don't treat me equally...so that's where it kind of hurts. Y'know?
I'm not really good at opening up right away, but I'm always open to meet new people and such.
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